HA0082408240331 x 8 AWG1 x 40 AMPS1/2″ CF (adapter included)
HA01124011240461 x 6 AWG1 x 50 AMPS1/2″ CF (adapter included)
HA01324013240541 x 6 AWG1 x 60 AMPS1/2″ CF (adapter included)
HA01824018240752 x 8 AWG2 x 40 AMPS3/4″ NPT
HA024240242401003 x 8 AWG3 x 40 AMPS3/4″ NPT
HA02724027240112.53 x 8 AWG3 x 40 AMPS3/4″ NPT
HA036240362401504 x 8 AWG4 x 40 AMPS3/4″ NPT

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