Why Tankless?

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Save Energy

  • 99% thermal energy efficiency. Most water heaters with tanks only have 65% efficiency, if not less.
  • Make every cent count with Eemax electric tankless products, over 14-18 cents out of every dollar spend on utilities goes to heating your water.
  • No standby heat loss. Heats water instantly when you want it, instead of having to keeping water hot 24/7.
  • Saving energy reduces your carbon footprint, which is good for the planet.

Save Space and Water

  • Eemax tankless water heaters are up to 90% smaller than a water heater tank, letting you put them anywhere, even under a bathroom sink.
  • Heat water instantly where you use it, so you don’t have to waste water waiting for the water to heat up.

Longer Lifespan

  • Tankless water heaters last longer than any other water heater, lasting over 20 years while other heaters only last 10-15.
  • Tanks are known to rust. Because your Eemax water heater is tankless you have no rust issues over time.
  • The Department of Energy estimates energy savings up to 50% with tankless water heaters. Energy.gov

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Why Eemax?

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